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St Paul’s Feast Day

18 January 2023

On St Paul’s Feast Day, we celebrated the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle. Rev. Father Anthonius Reynolds Balubun, SVD, P. P. preached us the spirit of love, sacrifice and perseverance.

Christmas Celebration

21 December 2022

We share our love and wish one another a joyful and fulfilling new year at Christmas.

S1 Admission 中一入學申請 (2023-2024)

Graduation Ceremony

11 November 2022

Congratulations and best wishes were given to our graduates of 2021-22 by honourable guests, teachers, parents and friends as they embarked a new journey of their life.

English Activity Day

4 November 2022

A variety of inter-class competitions were held annually on the English Activity Day to let our students hone their spoken English while unleashing their creativity and having a lot of fun.

The Green Micro Film Creation Award 2022

28 October 2022

Sabrilla Iu won the Silver Award in the Green Micro Film Creation Award for her entertaining short animated film which advocated low-carbon lifestyles. Feeling astonished and delighted, she was grateful for the opportunity to polish her filming and editing skills from participating in this competition.


22 October 2022


Chinese Activity Day

14 October 2022

中文活動日, 旨在讓同學結合聽說讀寫,並發揮創意,從而提高中文水準,及了解人生道理。

Inauguration Day

12 October 2022

The new student leaders of our three major student organizations – Student Association, Paulinian Leaders and School Prefects – made a Paulinian Pledge and formally took up the banner of helping their fellow Paulinians to live a fulfilling school life.

Holy Spirit Mass

6 September 2022

A Mass aims at letting students to experience the liturgical beauty of the Mass, ranging from the Bible and Gospel reading, the Eucharist and an exchange of peace. This is to encourage our students to learn important Catholic values such as love and perseverance, so that they will have greater confidence when facing challenges in the new academic year.

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