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Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations and best wishes were given to our graduates of 2020-21 by honourable guests, teachers, parents and friends as they embarked a new journey of their life.


中文活動日, 旨在讓同學結合聽說讀寫,並發揮創意,從而提高中文水準,及了解人生道理。

English Activity Day

The annual English Activity Day was held on 5 Nov. We were very honoured to have invited Miss Nicole Tavares, Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong, to be the adjudicator. Ms. Tavares’ valuable advice helped our students better prepare for the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. Social distancing measures were observed, and the English Activity Day was held in 3 sessions (Session 1: S1 & 2, Session 2: S3 & 4, Session 3: S5 &6). All the participants prepared wonderful performances and had a pleasurable morning. Since the tea reception was cancelled this year, the English panel enjoyed a small gathering with souvenirs on 9th November, 2021 to celebrate the fruits of their hard work.

The competition was divided into three sections: verse speaking solo (S1-2), dramatic duologue (S3), radio play (S5) and public speaking (S6).  Here are the winners:

   1st  2nd

S1  1C  1A

S2  2C  2E

S3  3D  3E

S4  4E  4A

S5   5A  5B&5C

S6  6D  6B

Junior Overall Champion: 1C

Intermediate Overall Champion: 4E



Inauguration Day

The new student leaders of our three major student organizations – Student Association, Paulinian Leaders and School Prefects – made a Paulinian Pledge and formally took up the banner of helping their fellow Paulinians to live a fulfilling school life.

S1 Admission 中一入學申請 (2022-2023)

Holy Spirit Mass

A Mass aims at letting students to experience the liturgical beauty of the Mass, ranging from the Bible and Gospel reading, the Eucharist and an exchange of peace. This is to encourage our students to learn important Catholic values such as love and perseverance, so that they will have greater confidence when facing challenges in the new academic year.

SPSLT Golden Jubilee Anniversary

Founded in 1970, our school celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2020. Various memorable activities were organized in 2019-2021 in spite of the disruption caused by the pandemic.