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School Management & Staff


Supervisor: Sister Joanna Marie Cheung

Principal: Ms. M.T. Wong

Vice Principals: Ms. E. Chan, Ms. S. Cheng, Ms S.Y. Liu

Assistant Principals: Ms. W.Y. Yu

Incorporated Management Committee

Chairlady: Sister Joanna Marie Cheung

SSB Manager: Sister Juliette Chan, Sister Susan Koo, Sister Agnes Yam,

    Sister Winnie Yau, Ms. W.C. Chung, Mrs. H. Sun, Ms. F.P. Lai

Secretary, Ex-officio: Ms. M.T. Wong

Under-Secretary: Ms. S. Cheng

Teacher Manager: Ms. S.S. Lai

Alternative Teacher Manager: Ms. H. Ching

Parent Manager: Ms. M.L. Wu

Alternate Parent Manager: Ms. F.L. Lau

Alumni Manager: Ms. A. Cheung

Independent Manager: Mr. P.F. Tsang

Honorary Manager: Ms. C. Cheng

Teaching Staff

  • Mr. A. Chung

  • Ms. B. Wai

  • Ms. B. Yong

  • Ms. C. Cheung

  • Ms. C. Lee

  • Mr. C.L. Chieh

  • Ms. C. Pun

  • Mr. C. Tsui

  • Mr. C.Y. Tsang

  • Ms. C. Yeung

  • Mr. D. Fung

  • Ms. D. Singh

  • Ms. E. Chan

  • Mr. E. Lau

  • Ms. E. Wong

  • Ms. G. Chan

  • Ms. H. Ching

  • Ms. H.K. Chau

  • Mr. H. Ng

  • Mr. H. Yu

  • Ms. I. Chan

  • Ms. I. Poon

  • Ms. J. Chan

  • Ms. J. Cheung

  • Sr. Josephine Tran

  • Mr. K. Fee

  • Ms. K.H. Fung

  • Mr. K.H. Ng

  • Ms. K. Lau

  • Mr. K.M. Ng

  • Ms. K.M. Sin

  • Ms. K. Yip

  • Mr. K.Y. Poon

  • Ms. L. Wong

  • Dr. Malone

  • Ms. M. Chau

  • Ms. M. Cheng

  • Ms. M. Lam

  • Ms. M. Shek

  • Ms. M. So

  • Ms. M.Y. Lam

  • Ms. N. Yan

  • Mr. P. Chan

  • Ms. P. Choi

  • Ms. R. Chan

  • Ms. R. Tam

  • Ms. S. Cheng

  • Ms. S.H. Hui

  • Ms. S.K. Chan

  • Ms. S.K. Lau

  • Ms. S.M. Lo

  • Ms. S.M. Sin

  • Ms. S.M. Wong

  • Ms. S.S. Lai

  • Ms. S.Y. Liu

  • Mr. T.H. Lam
    Mr. T. Lau

  • Ms. T. So

  • Ms. T.W. Cheung

  • Ms. V. Hui

  • Dr. W.L. Chan

  • Ms. W.Y. Chu

  • Ms. W.Y. Yu

  • Ms. Y.M. Cheung

  • Ms. Y. Tsoi

Other Staff

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Sr. Winnie Yau

Pastoral Care Teachers: Sr. Josephine Tran, Ms. G. Chan

Career Counsellor: Ms. I. Fung

Student Counsellor: Ms. S. Chan

Librarian: Ms. A. Lam

Laboratory Technicians:  Mr. A. Siu, Ms. M. Sum, Ms. N. Yip

Executive Officer: Ms. J. Kwok

General Office Staff:  Ms. A. Tang, Ms. G. Lee, Ms. I. Cheung, Ms. I. Lam, Ms. Y. Chan

Janitor Staff: 陳轉英, 陳碧靜, 馬霞, 尹麗芳, 張夢娜, 鍾月嬋
           莊艷莉, 甘慧明, 洪金戀, 高少芬, 羅小紅, 李強

TSS Staff: Ms. B. Yip, Mr. E. Lai, Mr. K. Chan

Teacher Assistants: Ms. D. Zhu, Ms. K. Chow




Social Workers: Ms. M. Ip, Ms. J. Lam


Educational Psychologist: Ms. G. Wu


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