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Student Association of St Paul's School (Lam Tin)23~24

The Student Association, St. Paul's School (Lam Tin) 

Our mission

  • To promote friendship and cooperation among students;

  • To better the relationship between the school authorities and students;

  • To promote the general welfare of the student body;

  • To initiate and promote the interest and participation of students in recreational, cultural and sports activities and in social affairs


Our Committee 2023-2024
Internal Committee


5A          Christina Chong

Internal Vice President:

5D          Arya Liu

External Vice President:

5B          Lori Zhang


5D          Angel Chan

5B          Annie Woo   


4D         Nadia Chong

4C         Cherry Guo

Promotion Officers:

5B         Zenbi Lam  

4C         Nicole Yee 

Public Relations:

5A         Kelly Yuen

5B         Nicole Leung

Executive committee 

5B         Queenie Wong

5B         Nicole Chan

5B         Candy Fung

5B         Eugenie Cheung

Student Welfare Officers

5C         Peggy Zhong

5C         Catherine Chan

5A         Kitty Shek

5A         Tracy Wong

4C         Cherry Kong

4C         Eunice Hung

4B         Yannes Lee

Liaison Officers

5D         Audrey Ng

5D         Mandy Tong

5D         Hillary Choi

Publicity Officers

5D         Audrey Ng

5D         Mandy Tong

5D         Hillary Choi

Editors of Publication

5B         Lily Hon

5B         Hesper Ling

5A         Nora Tang

5A         Erin Wong


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