Student Association of St Paul's School (Lam Tin)16~17

The Student Association, St. Paul's School (Lam Tin) 

Our mission

  • To promote friendship and cooperation among students;

  • To better the relationship between the school authorities and students;

  • To promote the general welfare of the student body;

  • To initiate and promote the interest and participation of students in recreational, cultural and sports activities and in social affairs

Our Committee 2017-2018
Internal Committee


5C Candice Wong

Internal Vice President:

5D Jodie Li   

External Vice President:

5B Genevieve Ho


5D Jasmine Yiu 
4A Skye Tang                


5B Iris Yau   
4E Eunice Yau

Promotion Officers:

5C Angela Sham          
5E Amy Wong  

Public Relations:

5A Yvonne Cheung
4E Yoyo So                    

Executive committee 

4D Krystal Ng          

5B Vivian Kwok       

5B Karry Lau         

5C Sheila Kwok      

4B Jenny Chung         

4C Hilary Choi           

4C Haylie Lor       

4E Karen Lo            

5B Nicole Chan        

5B Ivy Lai                   

5C Maisie Chek         

5D Agnes Li            

5D Ally Wong          

5E Theresa Tsao     

5A Jessica Chan            

5D Ivy Cheung                       

5D Cherrie Chiu            

5D Vicky Choi      

5A Cannis Chow           

5C Venus Ho                        

5C Christy Wong               

5E Amy Tin